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Smile again my name to me

A colour none as sweet as when pale green eyes reflect in hazel brown. Upon vanilla breeze a jasmine petal had came to rest, beside the window of a Smith’s desire.   Amazed inspired, relentless in her joys, he found […]

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Experiencing my son through the eyes of his father

I knew you would change my life even before I knew you were going to become a part of it. There were moments I doubted, true. But there was never a time I regretted. I realise now that before you, […]

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A penny dropped and the world took notice

A lowly word smith absorbed stood breathless upon a hill she had helped him climb. He had experienced much of what a usual man would only dream, if usual men would only dare to. Mountains, oceans, lakes and hills. All […]

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Married man vs Bachelor

The fairytale all bachelors THINK they live in You, my single young stallion friend –  are NOT as “free” as you want the rest of the world to think you are. Yes, I know you can go out to clubs […]

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