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You escaped the soot

I thought I saw you the other day. It was in traffic and the cars were buzzing by. I was stopped at an intersection, isolated but not alone. As usual I was paying attention to the more mundane aspects of […]

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You can stop reading now Mom

I’m having a beer as I write this – it’s a cold one I kept at the back of the fridge next to the apples, especially for today. I don’t really drink much, but the last time I wrote you […]

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Eighteen Minutes Passed the Hour

If a day had only eighteen hours I would gladly spend the first sixteen musing over the thought of her. A more amorous day I find hard to imagine, and were I to be proven wrong, that day too would […]

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Experiencing my son through the eyes of his father

I knew you would change my life even before I knew you were going to become a part of it. There were moments I doubted, true. But there was never a time I regretted. I realise now that before you, […]

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Why the world needs euthanasia – by an optimist

It makes fools of all of us. This thing we experience each day. It’s called life and we are intended to live it. But how, is never quite explained. So each of us plunder on through the gigantic mess of […]

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Daddies don’t cry

“I’m okay really, just have a lot on my mind and work is piling up…” I lost count sometime earlier this morning as to how many times I’ve replied to a polite “are you okay?” It’s not that I don’t […]

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God and cheese curls

It’s truly astounding to watch as the two of them communicate, this brother and sister pair before me. Though just barely a year old, I watched as she pushed the bowl of cheese curls just out of reach of her […]

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