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What I would say to the younger me

I read something quite profound today. It was on one of those really stupid e-card things, but for once, instead of inducing an uncontrollable scroll-the-mouse-wheel reflex, this one actually made me think. A little. The card read “ask yourself this: […]

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Winter’s lesson lies hidden in Spring

Spring is in the air as we ready ourselves for flowing floral dresses, knee high pants and our favourite pair of strapless sandals. Soon, the trees will start to blossom as they do each year and swarms of bees, chirping […]

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Nail Polish Polka

Everything forever a mystery. What a wonderful thing adding to a colour – something to mean. A brush upon pearlescent. Surface so pure. An aesthetic to please none but the weary pools of lost endeavour.   Coy it becomes. The […]

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Why home is the best holiday

Time is a construct of our own doing. It doesn’t exist, yet we have been so conditioned to live within this paradigm that every 365 days, we fall into a sort of exhaustion. We suddenly become so useless that every […]

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Smile again my name to me

A colour none as sweet as when pale green eyes reflect in hazel brown. Upon vanilla breeze a jasmine petal had came to rest, beside the window of a Smith’s desire.   Amazed inspired, relentless in her joys, he found […]

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Earth Life Rules for an Enjoyable Journey – Part 1

It is said that everyone needs a set of rules to live by. As an outsider, having traveled the globe and spent time living and working in 26 countries, Joe Extraordinary started compiling a list of rules to be followed […]

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An Ode to a friend never gone

The world closed its eyes today. It could not bear to watch her fade away, for another light, another star the heavens gained. To see but never touch, even the reach of giants she now evades. It is here that […]

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A penny dropped and the world took notice

A lowly word smith absorbed stood breathless upon a hill she had helped him climb. He had experienced much of what a usual man would only dream, if usual men would only dare to. Mountains, oceans, lakes and hills. All […]

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Married man vs Bachelor

The fairytale all bachelors THINK they live in You, my single young stallion friend –  are NOT as “free” as you want the rest of the world to think you are. Yes, I know you can go out to clubs […]

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