It makes fools of all of us. This thing we experience each day. It’s called life and we are intended to live it. But how, is never quite explained. So each of us plunder on through the gigantic mess of kisses, hugs, secret moments whispered into our memories behind the closed doors of lovers as ever fleeting as the sharp pain of a bee sting. Funny how we remember the sting, but never relive the actual pain. Funny.

We become addicted to substance – cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, ecstasy, love. And we can’t kick the habit not so much because of the physical, but because of the fear of being without.

1326150068_Do you feed your greed

There is a problem with the world and it’s called conformity. From the moment we are old enough to understand, our every action is dictated by a society buckling under the strains of religious beliefs and the dead weight of a decaying educational system based on the corpse of moral teachings left behind in the fragmented scrolls of drunken scribes.

The world as we know it is clutching at prophetic straws as it tries to save itself the humiliation of failure. We build truth on theories never explained or questioned, just accepted. We follow our leaders blindly to the slaughter of innocence, purity and trust, and then resent them for it. Our endless quest to attain godliness has led us down the rabbit hole of judgement, attention seeking self-mutilation and sanctimonious ego. We have forgotten about our neighbour. Our children starve as our women become price tags on the sleeves of blood money millionaires.

Everything has a price, including even the priceless commodity of affection.

Apologetics, the shepherd’s staff to keep the flock from wandering, for there is money in sin, and the church is thriving. If there was no pastor to preach eternal damnation, would we still be killing people? Are we really only refraining from murdering each other for fear of god? Surely we are all born with an inherent sense of right and wrong to and extent? Religion has made us savages, willing to fight and even kill for our beliefs. Not convinced? Try telling someone that their belief system is flawed and that there is no real evidence for the existence of any of their deities, and see how long they remain placid.

Stay in line, play it safe for there is safety in numbers. “I love you” has become the brand of choice for abusers, defilers and ethereal cannibals. The leaders of this world have been corrupted by greed as they choke their people into somnambulism. Work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep. Fuel the engine.

The ozone layer, global warming and a shortage in fossil fuels are the least of our concerns. These are by-products of the disease known as us. We could fix the earth and still it would not fix the problem…instead it would perpetuate it, increase it in fact. The silver bullet is the total annihilation of the human race.

Or at least the eradication of whatever force it is that drives them.