Joe (Me) is a highly commended (that means people talk about me in a good way) and preferred content creator for a number of advertising agencies and marketing houses in and around Africa.
In laymen’s terms, the dude’s (me again) good with words and will make you (that’s you, the person reading this) look pretty damned relevant in most any publication that doesn’t carry an age restriction (although for more on the opportunities in that market, please view the Pictures tab).

He (yip… still this guy) has created content for ad agencies across a broad spectrum of industries including the largest Out Of Home marketing agency on the African continent. They told me they’re the biggest and who am I to disagree when they Skype call me from Uganda? It’s true though – just go check out their website and see for yourself. Or take my word for it considering I wrote the content.

He (me) is able to offer any of the following writing services:

• Marketing material
• Website content
• Press Releases
• Packaging wording
• Brand Boosting
• Slogans
• Script Writing
• Editing
• Proof Reading

Thing is, you’re not really sitting there thinking what an awesome list of stuff I can do, are you? So here’s the deal; I can pretty much write anything from a preschooler’s birthday invite to an exposé on the slave trade in Africa. Anything in the middle is ice cream. You want a writer? You’ve come to the right place, congratulations.

Reliable, contactable references – whose view of me have in no way been tainted by the promise of obscure favours in return for good reports – are available upon request. Prices are market related and negotiable, varying according to client’s specific needs and allocated budget. In other words, we can talk…


Photography is like words for the eyes, I suppose. At least that’s the way I see it – pun intended.

Joe (that’s me again) has been taking pictures of people, places and people in places, for more than a decade. He (third person me) spent time abroad working as a photographer and fell in love with the art of street and event photography when digital imagery was still in its infancy. Clever play on the words there Joe.

Anyway, he’s good with a camera and has a pretty impressive resumé to back up the big talk. Just have a look below:

• Official Festival Photographer for Innibos Nasionale Kunstefees
• In-House photographer for Timeless Face modelling and events academy
• Stringer-photographer for SAPA and Reuters
• Sanlam Press Photographer of the Year Runner-up 2012
• Caxton Feature Photographer of the Year 2013
• Exhibitor at Grahamstown Arts Festival 2015
• Exhibitor at Afrovibes Arts Tour in the UK
• Exhibitor at Innibos Arts Festival 2015 and 2016


And he also does weddings, parties, engagements, maternity, modelling portfolios, couples, families, architectural, aerial, sport, schools, pageants and commissions work because let’s face it, he has a family to feed and these pay the bills.


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