The world closed its eyes today. It could not bear to watch her fade away, for another light, another star the heavens gained. To see but never touch, even the reach of giants she now evades. It is here that escape had led her, here where neither pain, nor anguish nor hurt will ever again find her. Only love and kindness, fond memories and a knowing that she is safe will shine down to comfort those now left behind.

We will look up ever-so often and remember a smile that silenced the room, eyes that spoke so loudly of things most failed to hear – and a heart that made even a colossus crumble.

Though most of us knew only a piece of you, our lives were saturated by it – colour inside these lines you added. The canvas is done, the painter’s weary hand is rested as he stands back, now left to ponder. “She never looked pretty, she looked like art. Art was never meant to be pretty, it was meant to make you feel something.”

Though right now it is grief we feel, we strangely take comfort in this infinite sadness. Infinite. It is what you have become, never gone, never here – just always a thought near. Your presence will never truly leave us, for when the weight of longing gets too much to bear, we merely need to close our eyes to see you.

Memories, we find strength in them, as it is here that we still hold your hand. We hold your hand not to comfort you, but rather ourselves as we understand that this world was never meant to keep someone as beautiful as you.

To have known you was an honour, a blessing we only now accept. You have walked the road and you walked it well, along the way you found love and happiness through all the turmoil. Keep that with you now as the new journey starts. Travel light, remember the good and rest in the knowing that you made your difference.

Farewell my sweetest friend.